UK nationality law is extraordinarily complex. We make it simple.

We are a professional immigration consultancy providing advice and representation in immigration and nationality law matters for the UK. Our services cover a complete spectrum of immigration and nationality law applications (excluding asylum matters).

British Nationality
British nationality Law is extraordinarily complex. The extent of the British Empire in the previous century and the consequences of decolonisation have created a generation of people around the world classified as ‘British Subjects’ or ‘Citizens of the UK & Colonies’. We specialise in researching British Nationality claims and lodging applications on behalf of clients who are unsure of their rights.
UK Immigration
We pride ourselves on our broad ranging knowledge and expertise in a huge range of immigration scenarios. Out talented team share over 20 years of experience and can secure same day appointments with UK Visas and Immigration. We have proven success in the full range of visa categories for both "in country" and "out of country" applications.
Work Permits
It can be a daunting task to employ someone from outside the EU with complex and ever changing rules and regulations. We have a team of advisers who specialise in this area of immigration. We have a wealth of experience and success in Sponsorship Licences, Sponsorship Certificates and Tier 2 applications.