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Those wanting to enter the UK on a working, ancestral or family visa

“Entry Clearance” applications are those made outside of the UK and processed in the country of residence. These UK Immigration Visas are typically Marriage (Spouse or Partner) Visas, Ancestry Visas, 2 Year Working Holiday Visas, and Dependency (Children) Visas.

Those wishing to remain in the UK (either extending or changing their visa status)

Those holding a valid UK Visa, or looking to extend their existing visa, can typically apply for the following visa types: Work Permits, Visa Extensions and Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

Fast-Track (Same Day) applications to the Home Office

Many of the Visa applications can be applied for using our Same Day (or Fast Track) service, rather than rely on sending in applications by post into the Home Office, with an undetermined resolution date. Additional fees apply for this popular and highly sought after service.

Those wanting to apply for British Citizenship and a British Passport

Straightforward British Nationality applications arise from the following five situations:

  • Born in the UK before 01.01.1983
  • A parent born in the UK before 01.01.1983
  • A parent Naturalised in the UK before your birth, and
  • Naturalisation through residency in the UK.

Employers wanting to employ foreign nationals

New rules introduced recently require a UK-based employer to register first for the right to employ foreign nationals. Once they have this certificate, they are able to apply for permits for new staff.

NHS Trusts and Schools taking on foreign-trained medical staff and teachers

The NHS and the British schools system struggles to fill staff vacancies because of a shortage of skilled and suitably trained people in the UK. Many such applicants are trained outside of the UK, and are a common recruiting policy for many Hospitals and schools.

Individuals looking to research their British Nationality rights

Philip Gamble and his British Nationality team offer six services to those individuals researching their claims to British Nationality. These are:

  • British Passport Review (Free): Opinion from Philip Gamble on your chances of qualifying
  • Status Trace (£350): A detailed research by Philip’s team into your family history to establish your claims
  • Fast-track Status Trace (+£300):The Status Trace is fast-tracked and completed within 48 hours of receiving all the relevant family documents

Read more about these services.

If you would like to take up any of these services, simply email info@philipgamble.co.uk for further information, purchase the service from your Results Page (after you register on the site), or purchase the service below.


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