Discretionary Leave to Remain in the UK

A person who resides in the UK but is not entitled to a visa may apply for Discretionary Leave to Remain. Such leave is temporary and usually claimed on the basis of protection of human rights. Recently, the scope of this status has been expanded and is now available under a variety of similar circumstances.

Each case requires an in-depth investigation

Every case is unique and finding a resolution requires an in-depth look at your unique set of circumstances. An application will rely on evidence that the applicant’s deportation from the UK will infringe on their human rights.

The most common situations are:

  • A child who was born in the UK
  • A child who has been resident in the UK for at least seven years
  • An adult who is married to a British citizen or a person who has permanent residency status in the UK (such as the Right of Abode or Indefinite Leave to Remain)
  • An adult who has established a family life in the UK

Status Trace

In many cases, it is possible to regularise the visa status of such a client. We offer a Discretionary Leave to Remain Status Trace service, involving:

  • An initial consultation, by email, phone or face-to-face to establish the facts of the case 
  • Research into the facts of the case
  • A written report setting out whether any resolution to the client’s situation exists as well as how it could be achieved

We have a duty of care towards our clients and endeavour to conduct ourselves professionally, honestly and with discretion. This service is offered by Phyllis Dennis, one of our experienced UK immigration advisers, at a fee of £240.





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Please contact us if you feel you might be entitled to Discretionary Leave to Remain. Your enquiry will be dealt with confidentially and efficiently.